Teddy the Corgi

A photo diary of a studio raised, treat lovin' L.A. Corgi
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Happy Easter!
Draw me like one of your French girls. Or should I say, Frenchie!
Happy Friday!
Hai SF!
Much nature, so sky, amaze.
Throwback Thursday! Realizing his cute potential to beg! Circa 2011

"Mom, can I have some of that breakfast burrito?"
Is this how you make Mud Pies?
Much sun, so rise. Open window pls.
My sentiments exactly!
Boy, am I glad to see you!
Much confuse, such size, so fall.
"Hope you didn’t forget about my side order of bacon!"
Sleepy little Valentine of mine!
Garden Zen: doge edition
Mom, Dad says I can work the pedals!
Knowledge is Power @ South Pasadena Public Library