Teddy the Corgi

A photo diary of a studio raised, treat lovin' L.A. Corgi
PitaPata Dog tickers

I has the ball!
Chillin’ with the sand dollars!
Picture Perfect! aka Much frame, such smile.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle… Yeah!

I has the ball.
Much soft, such nap.
Lady friend?
Low Rider 🚗 💨
My Little Merman.
Little hiking at Land’s End!
New BFF! Happy Birthday part two! He never destroys his hedgehog toys, so we got him a super huge one.
Happy 3rd Birthday Kiddo! You deserve this one!
Such comfort. So nap.
Having a moment.
Happy Easter!
Draw me like one of your French girls. Or should I say, Frenchie!